The fish has a mouth at last.

The painting is now complete inside the fish submersible which means I could begin work on sealing up the front. I welded the framework for inside the mouth and the lower jaw and then tied on the metal lath. While I was doing that job Grant was working hard at getting the sculpting epoxy mixed up. He would have to sweat a little to keep ahead of my efforts in applying the rough coat. He did awesome! By quitting time today the portions under the lower jaw were complete leaving only the lips, teeth and inside of the mouth undone. The debate now is the style of teeth our little fish will sport. There are diverging opinions and a fierce debate has ensued. Becke and Peter are of one opinion, with me on the other side. Matt is trying to keep his head down and is saying little. Since I’m doing the sculpting on this fish I may just win out. Tune in tomorrow to see how it turns out….

starting work on lower jaw 2.png
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