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WhistlePunk Hollow concepts

Today, we are proud to announce the start of a new project for this coming year. The ambitious project is an adventure golf to be built in Squamish, British Columbia. For those who are not familiar with our local geography, Squamish is near Whistler, the site of the recent winter Olympics. It is about two hours drive from our place in Yarrow.

Back over a decade ago when we were planning our own Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf, we seriously considered the name WhistlePunk Hollow. A whistle punk was the fellow who worked near the steam donkeys, operating the steam whistle to signal his fellow workers that the steam donkey was about to pull some logs from the woods with cables. The adventure golf was of course to be built with a logging theme. We didn't use the name back then but we sure liked it and filed it away for possible use in the future.

Fast forward to recent weeks...  Our new clients, Janice and Jeff Kirkman from Squamish contacted me to design an adventure golf for their campground. They come from a logging family and wanted the adventure golf to carry this theme. One of the names they suggested was WhistlePunk and we added the Hollow part. Then it was time to begin the design concepts in the proper historical period.

The first drawing was of the primary train feature. I posted the drawing of the locomotive a while ago but here it is again with the logo on the log.

The eighteenth hole will of course feature a steam donkey, the giant wood-fired steam powered machine used to pull the timber from the woods in the days of old.

An old logging truck also had to be a part of the golf, perfect for photo oppotunities for every group to play the course.

There are of course many more drawings and designs. In the next weeks and months I'll show them here as we switch from planning mode to building these latest creations. This is going to be a fun and challenging project!

-grampa dan




It isn't too often I get to revisit a fun project by trying to rachet up the fun one more notch. One of our favorite clients who owns a gravel pit asked us to build him a scaled down dump truck. It was to be used as a promotional vehicle. It features lights and an air horn that worked. It also sported working hydraulics that raised and lowered the dump box. It was great fun!

Now he needs a second truck. This time around, five years later we can do an even better job I'm sure. We'll take all we learned last time and since and ramp things up as high as we can.

This is going to be fun!

-grampa dan

A fun idea with a cherry on top.

A friend of mine came to me a couple days ago looking for a sign for their ice cream stand. He had designed their own logo a while back and had some colorful signs made but starting out they were on a tight budget. Now they were ready to step things up a notch. The ice cream stand is just down the street from us and is on an extremely busy road - especially in summer. They just had to stop the traffic driving by. With the right idea and a suitable budget I knew we could do it. Our first idea was along the lines of the Moose Mountain sign we had done five or six years ago. Our thought was we could create a double sided sign and hang it from a post.

The sign would undoubtably be cool but we decided we needed something a little more noticable and a bit more over the top. It had to stop traffic after all. How about an entire moose? And what it the moose had a backpack with a sign and a giant triple scoop icecream cone (complete with a cherry) perched on top? It would be big enough to pose beside and take pictures with it. My friend didn't need very long to decide this was just the ticket.

With ice cream season right around the corner we have to get busy real soon. Phoebe and I will undoubtably have to walk down the street for inspiration and an ice cream cone every once in a while I'm sure.

-grampa dan