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More pieces of imagination.

Creating twenty-five unique and creative name plaques is a wonderful challenge. While the name plaques are an important component of the workshops they also serve other purposes. 

They say if we really want to learn we simply have to teach. I've certainly found that to be true. As I teach the workshops I quickly find out what I dont know. I always have my ears and eyes open to my students for as much as I try to teach them I find they teach me more.

As I design the many name plaques it is a chance to brush up on the things we will cover in the workshops. The projects stretch my imagination and allow me to push the limits and try new things. I constantly learn new things. In the proces I become a better equipped teacher.

Here's a few of today's name plaques.


Each member of our team also gets a name plaque for the workshop. The ladies all have one from previous workshops but the two Matts needed one of their own.

-grampa dan

Workshop coming fast!

With the Sign Magic and Sculpture Magic Workshops now just over a month away we are in full blast get-ready mode. I've been busy creating the files and routing the twenty-five one of a kind name plaques we need for our guests. I'm a little more than half way through.They measure about 16" wide. Before the workshop guests arrive we'll have them all painted up to show the many different techniques we use on a regular basis. Each plaque is unique and uses every trick in the book. Each student will get to take their name tag home when we are done. Here's seven of the fourteen done so far.

Tomorrow I'll fire up the router once more and turn out a bunch more. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Workshops coming soon!

We hold two sets of workshops each year, spring and fall. The spring workshops happen a little more than two months from now and it is time to begin preparations. 

The first workshop is the Sign MAGIC Workshop that begins April 19, 2013. It will be the fifteenth time we have presented this workshop. I'll never tire of being able to share our unique approach to sign making. This workshop will hopefully change the way each attendee thinks about making signs. 

Our second workshop starting April 26, 2013 is our third Sculpting Magic Workshop. This workshop is a full blast, hands-on event that covers a variety of mediums and methods that we use in our shop on a daily basis.

Here's a few shots of one of our Sculpture MAGIC Workshops...

I find these workshops invigorating and high energy fun! We have lots of very talented folks signed up from across Canada, the USA and from as far away as Hawaii and New Zealand. We'll be pulling out the stops this go around. Each workshop will be three full days of high energy learning and inspiration - an unforgettable experience that will totally change the way you think about dimensional signs.

For those still thinking about attending, we have a couple seats still available. We are counting the days for this fun aventure to begin!

-grampa dan

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