Building a better bracket

Since we put the MultiCam CNC plasma cutter in our shop we have built hundreds of brackets for all manner of projects. The days of plain and ordinary brackets is now long gone for with a little imagination and design the plasma machine can cut whatever we need in great style. The NEBS pub will have hundreds of feet of overhead pipes connecting the giant barrels and stills. They need brackets to hold them up against the ceiling beams. I whipped up a prototype as proof of concept and we liked what we saw when it was welded up. There was only one last thing to do... and that was cut enough pieces for thirty-three more.  :)

pipe bracket.png
33 more.png

Ready to pour...

The construction crew has the Hazelnut Inn footings forms all buttoned up and all of the rebar carefully tied into place. We are ready to place the concrete. It is pretty exciting to say the least. Now all we need is the final blessing of the city officials. Then the fun officially begins. Stay tuned...

ready for concrete 2.png

A little progress

I haven't found much time to make substantial progress in the past couple of weeks on the Timekeeper's factory sculpture. But a little progress is better than none and it keeps the momentum going forward. I managed to design and route the timekeeper's scooter which will be parked in the front yard. Soon, I'll sculpt in the details in the bike. It will be fully painted before I permanently mount it to make things easier. I will also do the last bit of sculpting on the ground under the scooter which will finish off the sculpting on the front of the first floor. It's time to work around the back on this level and then head up the structure.

little bit of progress.png