Ships cabin ready for lath

As the forming for the concrete walls of the Hazelnut Inn are quickly assembled our crew is busy working on the ship and other components which will be lifted into place when the concrete has been poured. The welding on the cabin of the ship is now complete and the two pieces were pulled from the shop and permanently fastened together. With that job accomplished, the lath work could begin. It won't be long until we do the decorative sculpted concrete.

ship cabin august 20.png

Growing a new tree.

When Phoebe was small, a dozen years ago we talked about building her a treehouse. One was started in the giant walnut tree but it came down when the driveway was rerouted a few years later. It was decided we would build a faux tree instead but before the treehouse could be built we had to build the new house, then add Becke and Grant's home and do the landscaping of the yard. Now, at last everything is in place. Instead of just Phoebe there's three grand kids to consider. It was decided that the new treehouse design needed to include a sandbox, a slide and a swing. It's going to be a beauty!

start of treehouse.png