Rich in colour and detail

The process of painting the scale model of the Hazelnut Inn is exactly the same as it will be for the real thing when we build it, save for the scale. As we considered the model we selected a range of colours and bought them in gallon quantities. They are the very same paints we will use on the real thing when the time comes in a few months. The base colours are layered on and then custom glazes are applied creating an incredible richness. The result is breathtaking as it will be on the inn itself. I can hardly wait to see the entire model in colour!

painted portion of model.png

Telephone pole forest

The telephone poles for Loco Landing Adventure Park need only a few more details to be finished. We put them on the stands for shipping on Monday. They look even cooler than I imagined they would. They will definitely add a whole lot of character to the facility!

telephone poles almost finished 2.png

Ready to push out of the shop

The windmill feature which will soon be bound for Loco Landing Adventure Park is now ready for shipping. We'll push it out of the shop tomorrow to make room for the next exciting project. This is a truly unique piece. It's very colourful and fun piece ha is also interactive. Guests can turn the hand crank to set the big propeller in motion. It was a very fun piece to build!

windmill painted.png