Winter sky

The new treehouse has been turned over to the kids to play in. Phoebe has laid claim to the treehouse and has set about customizing it to be her personal space. The first order of business was to paint it. She started with the ceiling and decided to do the ceiling as a n night sky, complete with the northern light and stars. She commandeered brushes and paints from the shop supplies and over the weekend created a beautiful work of art.

winter sky.png

Half way up

My life is so busy these days without a doubt but from time to time I manage to sneak a little time to work on my Sign Invitational piece. I’ve managed to sculpt the brick and stone facade a little more than half way to the top of the very tall building. The good thing is that the structure gets a little narrower as I work my way up so progress seems to go a little quicker as I proceed. Once I get to the top I’ll work my way down once more adding a myriad of fun little details and humorous bits. Then will come the paint which will make it all come to life. There’s a whole bunch of crazy ideas still cooking inside my head and I can hardly wait to add them to this piece! Stay tuned…

progress October 20.png

Vet sign frame welded

It is always fun and challenging to translate a two dimensional sign design into a three dimensional sign. I spent the day peering through a welding helmet as I welded up the frame for the sign. There were many feet of structural steel and hundreds of feet of pencil rod to form to make the armature of the brick wall and tree. Next will come the sculpted animals which will be built separately and then welded into place. Then comes the sign face followed by the sculpted brick base. We are making quick progress this far. It’s going to be a memorable sign when we are finished!

vet sign frame welded 2.png