Dig this!

The painting crew finished the highly detailed ‘GOLD MOLE’ on Friday. It looks like it has dug miles of subterranean tunnels. We are still working on a few more companion pieces before this project is wrapped up and ready for delivery early in the New Year. It’s been a fun little project!

gold mole finished.png
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It's a roof!

The Howie’s Roofing crew have been busy in the last week installing the roof on the North Star Suite of the hazelnut Inn. While it’s not a large roof compared to many they do it is undoubtably one of the more challenging. Curves and valleys abound on this project as well as it being steep and high. The crew seem to take it all in stride in spite of the weather being a little soggy and cold. The end result is looking spectacular!

december 14 progress.png
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Calling for grampa

No matter how busy or frantic my days at work might be, I know when I come in the house I’ll be greeted by two big smiles from my grand kids. They know that when grampa arrives it’s time for a little fun. Little Henry has been walking for more than a month now which makes for much more active games than before. We purposely designed the house to have two adjoining hallways which allow for wonderful games of hide and seek and endless chases… all in the name of fun. Life is very good!

henry walking.png
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