Two of a kind

Its a usual thing for projects to run in multiples as we like to keep a common thread through our projects to the things together. The Vala Farm project has many very fancy brackets which help brand the operation in a subtle but very noticeable and classy manner. Today’s brackets are for the apple display in the exit building. They are cut from 1/4” thick plate steel. Underneath the brackets VALA’S APPLES signs will be fastened with smaller types of apple signs hung under those to help guests identify the apples in the display.

apple tree brackets.png
apple sign.png
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Two more trees sculpted

The crew have been very busy during my absence. They sculpted two of the trees for Vala’s farm and they look fabulous! The Pie Barn tree is now ready for paint while the Harvest Barn sign and tree will have Jack the farmer sculpted on top.

trees a pair.png
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A blast of the past

We’ve been promising Phoebe a trip to historical Barkerville for a number of years but the wildfires in the last couple of hot summers have put off those plans. This summer’s cooler start meant it was the perfect time to take the long drive and visit this historical place where gold fever brought so many folks back in the late 1800’s. The little town has been largely restored. We throughly enjoyed reliving those long ago days through many displays and experiences. Look close and you can see Phoebe up on top of the stage coach. Janis rides comfortably inside.

phoebe onn the stagecoach.png
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