Oh, the details

We love detail in our shop. And it is sometimes surprising how much the seemingly mundane items make the story believable. Our journey begins on the ground floor of the building. Beside the well worn front stone steps is a scooter, leaned up against a no parking sign. A somewhat beat up garbage can is tucked in the corner. A rusty down pipe drains the roof. Around back the delivery truck is parked against the wood decked loading bay. I still have to add a dolly load of boxes to that area. On the other side of the building is the ancient and well used steam boiler. We can almost feel the heat wave and hear the steam hiss from the rusty rivets. (A hidden miniature smoke machine will provide that effect when it is at the show.) Loose rocks and bricks litter the area and even more details are yet to be added. It is amazing just how much you can squeeze into a space two feet square.

red truck.png
boiler closeup.png
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The small piece

My second piece for the Sign Invitational event will be shown in the Coastal Enterprises booth at the International Sign Expo. It is also coming along nicely. The stonework is now finished and the steam boiler is sculpted and ready for paint. I may add a few other small details there yet, And I still have the steam piston and a few other surprises before I start in on the painting process.

small feb 17.png
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Sign Invitational progress

The Sign Invitational is now only nine weeks distant. There is no doubt that in the next weeks our shop will become busier so it is time to get my entry finished and on the way to the International Sign Association EXPO in Las Vegas. In the last weeks I’ve found time to finish the bulk of the sculpting and also complete much of the painting and glazing. While the areas are much smaller than our regular work the amount of detail remains the same. It is mostly about working with much smaller tools than usual. This being a long weekend, I am finding a few hours to work on the piece and I’m having a lot of fun!

feb 17 progress.png
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