Company is coming and they want to play!

Just before each workshop we host, it is time for a deep clean of the shop. Company is coming and they want to play with all of our toys. Every tool is rounded up, cleaned and put in its proper place. Every surface from the ceiling to the floor is dusted off and cleaned. All those bits and pieces that seem to gather in the corners are sorted and put away. Inevitably, the dumpster is filled with other bits that are no longer needed. Working projects are tucked away to make room for all of the new projects that will be done during the workshops. Then we bring out and set up the folding tables and chairs, plywood tops, and easels. It’s been an extremely busy week! Pieces are cut, samples finished, name plaques polished off and a host of other small details are all completed to get ready for our guests. We are counting the hours now until the first workshop and the real fun begins. Stay tuned…

workshop setup.png
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Startup grind

Life is full of so many wonderful opportunities. This week I was honoured to be asked to do a video interview with a studio audience. It was hosted by Tim McAlpine as part of Startup Grind #startupgrind , a local chapter of a much larger non-profit organization that encourages and helps small business owners. Tim is a good friend who I’ve admired for many years. He really did his homework (as he always does) and it was a pleasure to work with him and his team on this exciting project. It was filmed in his awesome studio in Chilliwack. Here’s the link to the video

dan interview with tim.png
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Last day of production

It’s hard to believe but the Sculpting Magic Workshops that we’ve been thinking about and planning since the shortly after the New Year are now only a few days away. I know some of our attendees from Ohio and California are boarding a plane early tomorrow morning and then doing a little sight seeing before they make their way to our shop for the workshop that begins on Sunday. We routed the last name plaque today and the painting crew has been very busy finishing off many others. Today was our last day of product in the shop before the workshops. We sculpted the fallen tree and one of the gas pumps. Both pieces are going to look awesome when they are all painted up! Tomorrow we begin a deep clean of the shop and final preparations. Ready or not it will soon be time to do some teaching and sharing.

first pump sculpted.png
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