Fun twist on an old favourite

We have about a dozen projects in various stages of completion in our shop currently. Some are relatively simple while others are more complex. Two of the projects have moving parts - a rarity in our shop. One of our customers requested a windmill as a golf feature. It's a classic of old but we decided to approach it in an unconventional manner. 

Initially we considered electric power but with the fan blades so close to the ground we decided it was simply too dangerous. The second option was to install a hand crank to power the blades. Instead of only four we'll make it an eight bladed windmill. Guests will be able to turn the crank to effect their competition's play. It's a fun twist on an old favourite.

windmill tower copy.png

Even more steel!

As I add more welded steel bits to the one track wheelbarrow it is quickly looking more like the concept art all the time. The tractor hood, cowl and grill are now in place leaving only small details and some grinding to finish. I'll be welding on a sturdy lifting lug to move this little machine. :)

hood on.png
hood on 2.png

Frame extraordinaire

Inside each of the features we build is a sturdy welded steel structural frame. In our larger features the frames are designed to come apart for transport. Each has a sturdy lift point or two to allow it to be safely lifted into place. The feature currently under construction is a tall one, three layers in all when it is done.

framework 2.png