Jumpin good job!

Jeff is a talented artist who works for us. Although he hasn't traditionally done much painting he is certainly u to the task.He got the nod to do the painting on the ribbit sign and is doing a fabulous job. One more coat of paint on the letter's subtle blend and a final detail of the eyeballs will finish off this fun sign.

Quick install

The new MultiCam Western Canada office opens on Friday. That meant it was time to make a special delivery today. Grant and I loaded the truck with the sign and tools and we headed out this afternoon. When we got there I measured things up and located the studs on the wall. I then fastened the bracket to the wall and we lifted the sign into position. In about five minutes the job was done! Kelsey was all smiles as we loaded the tools back into the truck and drove away.

Lots of colour!

The shop is awash with colour as there are many large pieces in all degrees of finish. As always, they get their base coats, followed by the blended coats. This in turn is followed by the glazes and dry brushing which brings the pieces to life.