Shopping spree

Shopping sprees at the beginning of a new project are always a great deal of fun. I wandered the isles of Princess Auto this afternoon, searching for parts for the 1960’s car themed features we are building. The store wasn’t overly busy and I was asked numerous times by friendly and helpful staff if I needed help. They always started by looking in my shopping cart at the items I had already gathered with puzzlement and then asking what I was building. Judging from the varied and random parts in the buggy I certainly understand their query. It’s never an easy answer. I first have to explain what it is we do which is in itself a hard thing to explain. Then I whip out my phone and show them a concept drawing - much easier than a verbal explanation. Today the parts shopping quest was for the gas pumps, the Volkswagen bug and the tow truck. I still have a few more stops to make to finish my collecting of parts but we are well on our way. This is going to be fun!

wheels and tires and other good stuff.png
Dan SawatzkyComment