Truck cab sculpted

After a fun morning bike ride and mowing a half acre of yard I still had an hour before supper… just enough time to sculpt the cab of the little truck for the Sign Invitational. I mixed up the sculpting epoxy and pushed on a quick prime coat. Then it was on to the details. The truck, as defined by the soundtracks, needed to be plenty worn and beat with lots of loose bits that would rattle when it drives. Two small bulb horns hang off the driver’s door. A small third horn will be mounted to the roof edge over the driver’s door when I am done. I purposely left in lots of tool marks as I sculpted for it added to the worn and tired look I was seeking. Much more age will be added during the paint and glazing process. While I was sculpting I mounted the board for the back deck as well. Things certainly shaped up in a hurry and the truck looks a whole lot more finished with today’s work.

body sculpt day 1.png
Dan SawatzkyComment