Change in mid-stream

I seem to always underestimate the time it takes to do our projects and today’s work on the fish submersible was no exception. I had planned to finish the sculpting today but there was much more to do than met my eye. We first finished the rough coat inside of the mouth. Then I worked on installing the windows, trim rivets and barnacles in that area. This afternoon Grant and I did the final coat of sculpting epoxy inside the mouth. This meant it was at last time to tackle the teeth. I installed about half of the long tapered teeth I had fashioned but halted work to debate one last time before continuing. After some discussion we decided the fish looked far too mean and menacing with the sharp teeth… not our style in the least. After trying a few things we settled on some industrial linear gear style teeth. But by then it was quitting time. Tomorrow, the fish will get the last of it’s choppers and the needed barnacles in this area to finish things off and make him ready for paint at last!

fish eyes in.png
Dan SawatzkyComment