My favourite ride

I really, really enjoy riding my e-bike and I’m really racking up the kilometres (more than 760 so far this season) but there’s one thing I enjoy far more than simply putting on the miles. That’s riding with the people I love! This evening I was privileged to take Phoebe on one of my favourite trails from Hope to the Quintette tunnels and back, about a ten kilometre ride. Phoebe loves nature and local history too and this ride combines the best of both. Riding in to the tunnels was a gentle 1-2% grade uphill most of the way and Phoebe got quite the workout. She found the ride from the tunnels back to the Jeep in Hope a whole lot easier! We had a good time on our first summer adventure together!!

phoebe & grampa.png
phoebe at tunnels.png
phoebe riding under trees.png
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