Little Henry still doesn’t talk much but he communicates just the same. He knows a lot of sign and when that fails he resorts to one sound, with expression, repeating it and pointing until we understand. He absolutely loves ‘helping’ grampa at whatever task I may be up to. A few days ago Juniper got a new bike and is getting pretty good at it riding it too. Henry of course wanted to do the same. Juniper was reluctant to give up her turn at riding her new bike. I knew the perfect solution. We had Phoebe’s old bike tucked away in the boneyard for the last decade. I dusted it off, pumped up the tires, oiled up the chain and brought it out for Henry. He was very excited but the seat was set much too high so I went back to the shop and got a wrench to adjust it more to Henry’s size. Henry immediately wanted the wrench a whole lot more than he wanted to ride the bike. He carefully went over every nut and bolt, doing his very best to make sure they were all tight. Wrenching is a whole lot of FUN! I snapped a photo of him doing his work. As I looked at the picture tonight I was reminded of a similar photo I had taken almost 13 years ago, back when Phoebe was the same age, as we were working on Peter’s bike. Comparing the two photos made me smile.

phoebe wrenching.png
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