First assembly

The first few bits assembled on a piece often determine how successful a build will be when it is finished. Those first pieces determine if the piece has life and movement. Today, I spent a little time forming and welding up the Model T truck running gear for my next year’s Sign Invitational entry. The truck will appear authentic with tons of detail but will also be slightly ‘cartoonized’ - just enough to make it fun. The wheels are oval shaped and mounted at jaunty angles. The front wheels are turned to follow the steep and curved road .The axles are at a different angle from each other to suit the uneven ground (yet to be built up). True to the form of the original Model T the leaf springs go across the frame over the axles with a wishbone strut system to afford maximum flexibility. I’ve yet to sculpt rear end, front axle, the bottom of the engine and transmission along with the exhaust system and such which will all add detail to the bottom of the truck. As a point of reference the frame of the truck is about 12” long. The fun is just beginning on this build. Stay tuned…

first truck chassis assembled.png
the snapper - concept.png
Dan SawatzkyComment