The first tour.

Peter and I spent the afternoon laying out the Hazelnut Inn on the freshly packed gravel of the worksite. This morning the surveyors had pegged the corners of the buildings accurately, making our job much easier. We laid out each room and the walls surrounding the gardens. Sidewalks and pools were planned out as well. After supper Peter escorted Hailey and Juniper on the first official tour of the little inn. While the worksite is still very flat and level That is not what Peter and Hailey imagined. As they walked each path he described when they were climbing stairs or going up sloping walkways. Peter, like me, could vividly see every feature and detail clearly, as if it was all in place. He could smell the flowers and hear the tumbling water of the brooks and waterfalls. This is going to be an incredibly magic place when we are done. Tomorrow, the carpenters arrive to start banging together forms. This is going to be very exciting!

first tour.png