Head start

The Sculpting Magic Workshop to be held in October is still four months distant but I know all too well that that isn't nearly as long as it seems. There is much to do in order to host such a gathering - especially in our style of doing things. This means we have already begun the planning in earnest as well as starting some of the preparations. Each participant will receive a name plaque at the workshop. These small dimensional signs showcase some of the things we teach at the workshop and also are a nice memento for each of our guests to take home with them. I have begun creating the 3D routing files for the plaques this week. They will be routed on our MultiCam CNC router and then hand painted by Becke and the crew. Each is unique and never to be repeated. We've created hundreds of these small signs through the years, one for every guest that has attended our workshops.

name plaques 1.png
Dan SawatzkyComment