Hot rod

I've had many interests and hobbies through the years. Some have been ambitious and taken a lot of time. One of these was a scratch built hot rod. I briefly considered building a model T Ford but after attending a car show and seeing a bunch of similar cars lined up in a row I decided something a lot more rare was in order. After some searching I found a picture of a 1904 Mitchel in one of my books. I took a few liberties as I designed the body to make room for a V-6 engine but the car was based on that teeny little picture. The frame and front axle were from a Model T. Everything else was scrounged from the wrecking yard or was hand built. Norm, my good friend did the welding of the aluminum body. The most expensive component was the custom stitched, button tufted seat. The car was financed with the pocket change I threw in a jar at the end of each day. I did get the car running and we did a night time run around the block. Pictures of the 'garage car' were even published in Street Rodder Magazine. The project lasted a number of years before life became so busy it was time to set it aside. It languished in the corner of the shop under a tarp for a long time. By that time I had even more hobby projects on the go and I had to make a choice. I decided that the grampa train around our yard was much more of a priority and so I gave the car to our neighbour. Some day it may even get finished.

hot rod.jpg
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