What goes clip - clop - thunk?

What goes clip, clop thunk?  A pirate course of course, complete with a peg leg and eye patch!

This was a day that we anxiously waited for the last three years. It was finally time to start placing the prefabricated features into their permanent spots around the adventure park. It was a busy day from start to finish despite there being two heavy downpours. The rain in Trinidad is warm and refreshing but still extremely wet. The good news is that when the sun returns you dry out quickly and a little cooler than before. Our client watched excitedly from the sidelines and then jumped into the pirate horse wagon for the very first test drive. In the next days the concrete will be poured around it and throughout the courtyard. We are now in the countdown before we welcome the first guests.

venu driving horse.png
Dan SawatzkyComment