Lots of progress

It's been two and a half months since my last visit to the worksite in Trinidad. The many hurricanes thankfully skirted this southern part of the Caribbean but they have had a much wetter rainy season than normal. Despite the sogginess of the site they have been busy and accomplished a great deal. some of the concrete decking has been poured and many features are in place. The rides have been erected and the buildings are almost at lockup stage. This week, under my direction we will begin shaping the ground for the adventure golf and locate many of the features in that area. Today as I walked the site I could clearly visualize the finished park. Together with the owner we marked out the location for the courtyard features, taking note of sight lines and traffic flows. It is one thing to plan things out on paper and quite another to be on site making sure everything is as it should be. We are at that place where a construction site rapidly transforms into a theme park... a very exciting and long awaited moment. Stay tuned for some exciting pictures this coming week.

treehouse mokey rofk and entrance building.png
Dan SawatzkyComment