The REAL Kraken

Imagine a place - a special place that isn't anything like our world. It's a spot where imagination rules the day, where everyday concerns melt away and this who come simply focus in having fun with family and friends. This place is where lifetime memories are created.

Surely we've all heard of pirates, the Kracken and other maritime legends. Are they true? Did it all really happen? We believe... but we know it didn't happen quite like everyone thinks or remembers. It actually happened something like this...

Back in the day there were indeed swashbuckling pirates. While mere men might have been some of the characters we hear about, the true pirates were a unique creature called Gruffles. They were brilliant inventors with mechanical minds. Their secret hideaway was called Skallywag Bay in Trinidad. Here they lived in peace - when not out pillaging and gathering treasure. These strange creatures were industrious folk, building their homes from salvaged ships and other materials at hand. They were inventors withy mechanical minds, far ahead of their time. 

The legend of the much feared Kraken was indeed true, but not based on a real creature. Rather, this often told story is really about the Gruffle's giant mechanical squid - a terrible and fearsome match of the wooden tall ships of the day.

Rumour has it that bountiful treasure is buried in these parts.

This is the true legend of Skallywag Bay.

Today, the giant mechanical arms were installed on the submarine to complete the Kraken. We began the build of this legendary creature more than three long years ago and have been anxiously waiting ever since to see it assembled! The top picture was taken right after lunch today. The bottom shot of the structural frame was taken thirty eight months ago on the second day of the build, This was the last day before it was disassembled to begin the theme work.

kraken assembled.png
kraken frame day 2.png
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