Last week Peter handled the posts on the blog. I was far away. How far? Alaska! Janis & I decided to give cruising a try. Princess Cruises treated us mighty fine! I ate more than I should have, took it real easy and enjoyed visiting Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. Here's a taste of what we saw...

This picture of our boat is taken from the airtram in Juneau.

Tracy Arm was unforgettably beautiful!

We just had to take the train up to the summit from Skagway and into northern British Columbia. It was such a historic journey - right up my alley!

On the trip up to the summit I photographed these trees capturing perfectly the mood of the cold and wet day and the landscape there.

Cruising back down the coast we found the next location where there is bound to be GOLD!

I hear you have to watch out for bears in Alaska... It's true! This one snuggled up against me unexpectedly and gave me quite a fright...

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