Playing Favourites

From time to time we have a little bit of down time at the shop. We like to use that time to try something new - so we build samples. We also find these samples help our clients who may have some trouble visualizing just what we can do for them. The results of this experimentation line the walls of the shop and fill the studio almost to overflowing. And if you have ever visited us you can attest that it can be a little overwhelming to see it all for the first time. 

Triangle Sign

The Tri-Angle Contracting Sign is one of my favourite samples. I believe I was in the middle of a math degree when it was put together so I can't take any credit. It has just enough "cartoon" in it to keep it interesting and I particularly love the patina on the treads. Although our current projects are lots of fun I must admit I'm looking forward to our next little bit of down time. Who knows what we will come up with next?

Peter SawatzkyComment