Family Photos

I was reviewing pictures from our recent trip to Disney Sea today and it didn't take me long to find one to focus in on. These stairs where poured with two different batches of coloured concrete and the ends of the treads were hand carved to simulate broken stone. It is a nice little detail typical of the park and is fairly representative of the photos we took while in the land of the rising sun.


After a little while I noticed something else about the picture and it made me chuckle. In the top right corner stand a pair of scuffed runners. Those are my feet. As I recall I am pointing out some particular detail in the stairs as my father takes the picture. If you scan through our photos you can often see portions of my limbs or the blur of my hands or head as I gesture at this or that. Occasionally my entire body (perhaps from behind) is standing next to something to give a sense of scale. The staff at Tokyo Disney are very friendly and would see us pointing at this or that and offer to take our picture for us. We always waved them off with a smile. The pictures from our "vacations" aren't like other families - and I would't have it any other way.

- Peter

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