It's not over 'til the paperwork is done

The Cultus Lake Adventure Park project is now finished... but I'm still knee deep in paperwork. Because the park is being nominated for the Themed Entertainment Association award we are required to submit photos of the park. We don't do things half way and so I am assembling copies of a book which we will send in - forty pages worth. That's what it took to properly document the park. I spent my idle time on the Alaska cruise sorting through the thousands of pictures we took over the last two years, boiling it all down to forty pages with commentary. It was good to look back on a project I have been thinking about and planning for over the last three decades. The deadline is quickly approaching and today I grabbed the last few necessary images. In the next day or  two we will also create a website with all of the images and text. Stay tuned for a good read of the long history of the Cultus Lake project.

Dan SawatzkyComment