Multiple MultiCams

The last piece of the Multicam trade show display is the TV surround. It simply wouldn't do to have something predictable or ordinary. We decided to wrap the TV in the same Steampunk design as the rest. While the gears and gauges and lights really do nothing at all it makes for a fun way to watch TV at the very least.

It's one of my delights is to incorporate our client's branding as many times as possible in our pieces. Their sole purpose, after all, is to bring attention to our client's business, product or service. On this series of pieces we managed to sneak in branding an amazing thirty-two times.

The final paint and glazes will be done early next week and then we'll build the giant packing crates and send them down the road. The next time I will see them is when I stand amongst them to do my presentations. It will be fun to see if they indeed work as I imagine.

Dan SawatzkyComment