Lisa to the rescue!

Sometimes the parts of our project that give us the most difficulty are the smallest. In the case of the robot I wanted to add some small LED lights to the duel spindles. The LEd moduless I had in stock but the lenses proved to be more problematic. I wanted to keep things simple and figured some small acrylic rods would do the trick. My first thought was that some LITE BRIGHTS would be just the ticket. The effort to source them in local stores proved to be futile. We then put the word out to everyone we knew in the area to no avail. But as they say, it's all in who you know. Hailey's mom, Lisa Hiemstra has an engraving store, Engravex, and amazingly had some colored acrylic rod in stock. She even delivered them cut to length and in a few minutes they were glued in place. Lisa earns today's 'honorary hero of the day'! THANKS!

While I did the final assembly the painting crew spread on the last glaze and wiped it off perfectly to make the MultiCam look well used. It instantly looked industrial and heavy duty.

The TV stand got it's final glaze as well making it match the robot router.

The TV surround is the last piece in assembly. Tomorrow we'll get the first sneak peek. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment