Final assembly done!

It is always fun to do the final assembly of a project. In the case of the MultiCam trade show display the work has been going on for quite some time. Although many of the crew worked on the project I have been in charge of design, making the pieces and assembly. Two trips out of country since I have started has meant the project has been in progress for quite some time. In the last while the painting crew did their magic I have been machining and assembling the final bits of the robot router and the TV stand.

My keeping busy since my return from Trinidad with design and office stuff has meant I needed to spend a little extra time during the evenings and weekend catching up in the shop. It felt like the days of old when I worked largely by myself. With no interruptions I got a lot accomplished in a short while. All the pieces are now assembled with all of the base coats of paint finished. Only the final glazes and touchups are yet to be done.

Dan SawatzkyComment