Green grass and tarmac

When we started building our new house people wondered why we would build it so close to the road. Our property is 400 feet long and the house is 28 feet (3 feet more than the minimum allowed) from the road. Our logic was simple. Most people (me included) don't use ever their front yards, except when they go there to mow the grass or plant some flowers. So why make it the biggest portion of your yard? Furthermore, our fabulous mountain view is to the south (the back of the property) That's the way the biggest windows face. We built our house (and shop too) with styrofoam blocks filled with concrete. That and triple glazing in the windows means we don't hear the traffic on the road out front or noise from the shop. Our shop is 40 feet from the back of the property (the minimum allowed). In between  the two buildings is 300 feet of private yard. About one third of it is taken up with driveway, shop apron and parking. One third is (now) lush rolling grass. The last third of the property is reserved for the miniature horses who enjoy a special gravel footing. Because they are on carefully controlled diets and to keep their feet in top condition they are not on grass.

With the driveway in and much of the lawn now planted it is looking pretty much like we dreamed for so many years.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment