A beautiful shade of pink - NOT

I've never been a fan of pepto bismol pink - at least not in a big way but today we began painting the inside of the shop in just that color. There's a good reason of course.

To make room for all of the workers we'll employ and projects we'll build for the next project we have to use every square inch of the shop effectively. That meant a total reorganization. With us moving and cleaning just about everything it was also a good time to give the shop a repaint.

Because we weld in the shop we also had deemed it time to more effectively fireproof the shop. The shop is built of concrete but the walls are lined with plywood to allow easier hanging of display pieces and shelving. To fireproof the plywood we are using a paint that stops fire by expanding when it is exposed to flame. This paint is an effective fire stop. It is also bright pink from the manufacturer. The good news is that it is a middle coat, meaning we can put another layer of regular paint over it after it dries. And we will be going back to our rather ordinary colors, beige and light tan, as before. After we are done the fireproof paint will be invisible. (THANKFULLY!)

As we take everything down from the walls for painting we are sorting and being tough about what gets saved or disposed of. After we are done the shop will be as new, with only our best samples on display. Other big changes are underway as well and by the time we are done the shop will feel like brand new once more. Stay tuned for more...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment