Day of big change

Our property changed more visually in one day than it ever has previously. The paving crew was the first to arrive. They started at the back of the shop laying down the blacktop.

A short while later a massive truck and trailer pulled in with twelve pallets of rolled sod. Our work was cut out for us as we were to be busy all day laying sod.

Peter and the concrete carving crew were also busy sculpting rocks on the low retaining wall under the fence. The concrete started getting a little hard just before lunch and all hands were put to work getting the carving done before it turned rock hard. Here's a pic of the crew in action... Except Jack who was in the shop welding more fence.

By day's end the bulk of the sod was tamped into place and the sprinklers were on to water it in. The driveway is now in... I'll get some pics tomorrow. The property is looking pretty snazzy.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment