Big steel is rising

As we work hard on the ground to finish our part of the project the giant steel structures of the rides are being craned into position and bolted together above and around us. The skyline is changing dramatically. It is exciting to watch the park come together.

Our team seems to be gathering steam as we close in on the western end of the park. The welding is now done and by the end of the week the lath will all be done as well. The painting crew are working exceptionally hard too.

The western end does not yet have much paint yet but it is looking very fine.

As we stroke various jobs off our list the crew narrows their efforts and more work seems to get done each day. A few weeks ago all visitors to the park doubted we would finish in time but ten months of hard work seemingly comes together in the last moments - as always on these kinds of projects.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment