Amazing crew

Our creative crew is not like typical construction crews. For starters we have a relatively young workforce. They range in age from 17 - 38 (not including me) We have a mixed crew (ladies and men). The energy level runs high each day and inevitably there is plenty of sillyness and joking.

During the last few days the ladies have been painting the theme work around the pool. They have been starting work extra early, when temperatures are cooler to facilitate easier blends and glazing. This morning when I arrived I looked in on the painting crew. Disney's 'Under the Sea' was playing on the music system. The ladies were 'swimming' as they moved across the pool. Closer inspection revealed they were wearing water wings and life preservers. It was another typical day on our jobsite.

As our project begins to wind down in the next few weeks a few of our crew will move on to new adventures. With everyone onsite today it was time for a group picture. 

I appreciate the daily efforts of each and every one of them.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment