Pipe dreams

There are some superbly detailed pieces throughout the park although not all are front and center. A few are hidden, tucked into corners and reserved for guests who really look around.

A small pond and waterway feed the waterwheel with power. The creek then pools before going into an old wooden culvert that goes under the Windmill Drop ride platform and out the other side where it drops into another pool before going under a timber bridge and down a windng path to a large lower pond. The culvert could have been a simple hole in the stone wall but we wanted to create something much more interesting. And so we did.

In years past the culverts were wood, bound together with riveted metal straps. We fashioned a cartoon version of one of these old culverts using sculpted concrete over a large PVC pipe. When we paint the sculpted concrete the pipe will get a dark color to hide the blue.

It is the counless small details like this that give the park it's rich feel. Guests may not conciously see all we have done through the park but they will feel the quality and it will enrich their experience.

-grampa dan