Siblings and relatives

Some companies have a policy that relatives can not work together. Our company is quite the opposite. There are a number of our crew who are related. These teams have a special magic when they are working together. Things seem a little funnier, and they often finish each other's sentences. They know each other's likes and dislikes and how to push each other's buttons at will. They have history. These members of our crew add a special magic to the mix.

Janis & I are of course related, married and working together for forty years this coming June. Together we are much stronger than separate and each of us brings to the table our own ablities and talents. We work together as no one else could and because of this the company is thriving.

Peter and Hailey also work together with us. This young couple adds much to the company dynamic. Both have a heart for each other (and the company) and make the company much stronger because of it.

Peter and Becke (our two kids) love to work together and have for most of their lives. With the two of them on site I can get away with little. They know how it all works.

Jenessa and TJ are brother and sister as well. They are extremely close and work well together. Everything is a whole lot more fun when they are around.

Hailey and Adison (sister and brother) are both very happy people, together even more so. Both are fun to be around and eager to please. They look out for each other.

Jack has worked with us for a while now. His brother Fletcher (pronounced Fletcha) started today. These two guys are also a lot of fun and have a strong work ethic. They looked out for each other through the day.

Kendra and Ashley are actually cousins but grew up across the street fom each other and spent countless hours together as they grew up. They are like sisters. They obviously have a LOT in common and when together are most often giggling about something they think is hilarious. There's lots of history here.

Having family teams working for us is a huge plus. I believe in family!

-grampa dan

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