Final form

So much hard work goes into the park features as we weld and apply the galvanized mesh. These are the stages where we spend most of our time. The thing about this foundation work is that it is transparent and only outlines what is to come. In the last few weeks we have at last applied the concrete and sculpted a good portion of the final form. The mountain and Bucky's Bumper Boat pool areas are now almost complete and it is so much fun to watch it come together.

Yesterday we finished off all of the post supports and beams for the Wave Swinger ride.

Today, with better weather we got out from under the cover and turned our attention to the area's last big wall - over 130 feet long. There are cool details at every turn. Here Peter carves the detailed woodgrain into the heavy wood timbers that act as a retaining wall.

As this area comes together the close, mid and long views from any angle are spectacular. Painted it will be even better!

It is exciting to see the final forms emerge from all the the work we did previously.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment