From concept to reality

One of the most satisfying aspects of the job I get to do is to watch our projects go from concept through to reality. In the past I have been offered a job designing for the very best theme company in the world. I turned down the impressive offer in a blink because it would have meant I only did one job - designing and not the many jobs I currently do to ensure our projects go from beginning to end. 

At the start of each project I sit at my desk and work up ideas. It's fun. These ideas start as rough sketches in my sketchbook and then get transformed into full color renderings for presentation to our client. The purpose of these concepts is to sell our clients on the vision of what the project will look like when done. Then my job is to make sure the actual project looks like the drawing - within reason.

The building up at Cultus Lake Adventure Park is almost complete enough to install the Summit Trading Post sign. The concept drawing was done back in August.

Now the sign is done and it looks a lot like the concept save for some minor tweaks and color changes to make it read better in it's final location. The sculpture of the tree reflects the large sculpture that towers above the building.

While I only worked a little here and there on this project it was still satisfying to see it go from that first scribble to the finished sign. This coming week I'll have the pleasure of helping hoist it into place in it's permanent home. It sure beats being tied to a desk and only doing design work by a long shot.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment