Good neighbors

We take our tool trailer up to the worksite each mornng and drag it home each evening to keep our tools safe. It often gets unhooked from the truck. The hitch jack has been slowly wearing out and replacing it was definitely on my to-do list. From time to time it got really stiff and hard to wind. Thursday, after a long concrete day I was struggling with it in our driveway when my neighbor Gord came over to chat. He noticed me struggling with the hitch and we had a discussion about where to buy the best replacement. He has four trailers for his business and knows that stuff.

The next morning I went to hook up the trailer as I got ready to go up to the jobsite. I was amazed to see a new hitch jack on the trailer. My neighbor Gord had quietly replaced the old one sometime in the evening previously - unseen. Knowing Gord as I do I know he did it surreptitously with a huge grin on his face the whole time.

This act of kindness is not at all out of character for these wonderful neighbors. THANKS!

-grampa dan