Beam me up

It's been a busy week with tons of mud applied and sculpted. The weather has been perfect. Next week at this point doesn't look as good weather wise and so today was a good day to push hard one more time. We decided today's task would be the 'wood' beam around the Wave Swinger ride platform. It was an ambitious but achieveable goal. Peter and I were once again applying the concrete, with Marty handling the cement mixer. He has developed quite the skill in delivering consistent mixes which we truly appreciate! It makes our job so much easier.

With the sun shining bright and the temperature very much on the warm side it wasn't long until the rest of the team was called in to carve the woodgrain. There was just over 200 lineal feet of beam to carve.

The whole area is quickly coming together with the tops of the mountain and building now painted and the scaffolds beginning to come down. We are moving ever lower. It will go faster from this point as anytime we work on a scaffold it takes at least twice as long to do any task.

Next week, rain or shine, the last of the vertical beams will get their concrete skin. After that we'll work our way up the walkway wall to finish off the sculpted concrete in this area. The painting crew will follow close behind and the concrete deck pour will happen right after that. Stay tuned as we head into next week...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment