Time to ride

Building a theme park is exciting. There are so many phases we go through. Planning, infrastructure, prefabrication, installation and on-site construction all happen at the right time. It seems these kinds of projects always come together in the final days and with a great deal of pressure. It's the nature of this kind of construction.

There are many milestones along the way but as opening day approaches they seem to come faster and faster. Today we finished the concrete work on the mountain and bumper boat pool. One of the rides was also powered up for the first time. We were on our afternoon break when the bell on the carousel sounded. From our work on previous theme park projects I knew exactly what this meant. It was soon to go. There was only one thing to do. I ran for the ride and jumped on as it began to spin.

I heard word today that the windmill drop ride arrived at the port today. Pretty soon it will be time for a test drive on that ride. :)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment