Above and beyond

Those who work for us need to be highly skilled. They also need to be able to work in very unusual and challenging circumstances.

The mountain we are currently constructing (over a real building) is fifty-two feet from bottom to top. Working on the upper reaches means our crew needs to climb very high and work comfortably and efficiently at those heights. We work on scaffolds, on top of roofs and from a man lift as required, sometimes from more than one at once. While we strive to get as much done as possible each day the focus is on safety as a priority. Scaffold work typically takes twice as long as working on the ground for good reason.

Today we were working under the front roofline, near the top of the building. Getting there meant climbing a tall scaffold for the underneath part. To do the facia I worked from the sixty-five foot manlift. Once I had the concrete in place Sarah and Jenessa donned their safety harnesses and climbed up to the top to carve in the woodgrain.

To get a proper perspective of how high we were working today I took this shot when we were done. 

Now we'll let the concrete cure before we head back up to apply the paint. Once that is done we'll take off the top layer of scaffolding, finish welding up the famework around the lower beams and then do the lower levels of the concrete work. It won't be long until the scaffold work is done. I can hardly wait.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment