Welcome back!

Peter worked with us for more than fourteen years, starting in his mid-teens. He eventually became crew foreman on our long term project in Edmonton, Alberta. Peter is super creative and a natural leader. He also has a work ethic second to none. Back in 2001 he struck off on his own (with our blessing) becoming an animator. He did extremely well. A number of years later he decided to get a mathematics and teaching degree, often working for us when he had a break from university. He graduated with honors and made us proud.

When we began construction on our house he again came to help us and continued on when we started our latest big project. He and Hailey (another star of our crew) fell in love and a new path was chosen together.

Peter and Hailey now have decided to join our crew on a permanent basis. Once again Peter has officially taken on a leadership position and is foreman of our large crew. Hailey heads up the painting department and helps Janis out too.

It is so very good to have Peter back, recieving his input and opinions on countless things through each working day. His creative energy and ideas are already permeating through the projects we are working on and on the ones in the planning stages. Hailey's unfailing cheerfulness adds a great deal of joy to our work environment. We are about to kick this whole thing to a whole new level...

It's going to be FUN!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment