Giddyup guncle dan!

I've always been a kid at heart. I enjoy interacting with young kids. One of my life's pleasures has been to give our kids horsey rides. I get down on all fours and wear my knees out prancing around the house (or yard) to the delight of the young riders on my back. My own kids enjoyed it when they were young and it was, until earlier this year one of our grand daughter Phoebe's favorite activities with me. It was only a short time ago (at age nine) she got too big for me to handle. I've missed the activity... until recently.

Mason and his mom live with us. He turned seven months a short time ago and when he was sitting steady enough on his own it was finally his turn for horsey rides with guncle (great-uncle) dan. Now each day when I get in from the job his eyes light up at the suggestion that it is time for a ride. Mason is still pretty little and needs a boost to get on. He hasn't yet figured out the whole holding on thing either but he knows to give me a gentle kick in the ribs and rock back and forth excitedly as we circle the house. His excited laughter is plenty of reward as we go.

My knees are again developing the needed callouses for the endless miles will will accumulate. Giddyup!

-guncle dan

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