Anchor man

Every crew needs an anchor man. Our anchorman is TJ, the youngest member of our crew. And at this point you are probably wondering exactly what an anchor man does on our kind of project. He installs anchors of course. Our welded armatures need to be securely fastened to the concrete footings or walls of the project. We need something to weld the frames to. TJ is our anchor specialist. He uses the concrete hammer drill to bore a hole in the concrete and then he pounds in an expanding steel anchor bold. He's been one busy guy too and has done almost 2000 anchors in the last week or so. Because of this he is well deserving of the honorary title of crew anchor man. Bravo TJ!!!

Elsewhere on the worksite the work continues at a quick pace. Much of the crew are busy tying on wire lath. Here is our newest hire Ashley tying the galvanized mesh on a planter. Tying wire is a real character builder and Ashley already is a better person because of her efforts.

The water wheel is now finished and so it was temporarily removed from the building so we could do the sculpted concrete work behind it. Here Chris signals the zoom boom operator to follow him to where it will be stored. It is one GIANT wheel!

The concrete slabs were poured through the Wilderness Adventure area yesterday. A thick, seamless rubber decking will coat the whole area when we are done our sculpted concrete work. The rubber decking will ensure kids are as safe as possible as they run and play in this area.

Work will continue all through this week on these jobs and more. The good news is that the on site sculpted concrete work will begin (at last) next week! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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