Here, there and everywhere

The weatherman promised rain today but thankfully he was wrong - right up to quitting time. Our crew was scattered through the worksite from one end to the other. I was welding rock armatures in the Western end of the park. Peter and Matt were polishing off the welding in the Wilderness Adventure.

Marty, TJ and Jack were wiring in the lower areas of the park. Jenessa and Sarah were applying the mesh to the upper reaches of the mountain. The mountainside is slowly becoming more visible each day as the mesh goes on. The planters take a long time because they need wiring both inside and out.

Hailey was back at the shop painting on the signs. Lots was done today but it was not a dramatic change because it was spread out over many areas.

Tomorrow I begin preparations for the concrete work to begin next week.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment