A pirate horse? Of course!

The design work continues for Skallywag Bay Adventure Park in Trinidad. Last night I was busy designing the kid's play activity area. There will be lots of interesting features for the kids to interact with and play upon. We will build a second pirate ship which they will be able to take to the high seas.

When the pirate ship is docked at home port they have lots of things to offload and distribute around the island. The treasure and booty would be undoubtably be very heavy and so they would need a sturdy mode of transport. A horse and wagon would be just the ticket. As I thought about the kind of horse and wagon a pirate would own I decided it would simply have to be a pirate horse. And being a pirate horse it would have a patch over one eye and a peg leg of course. I showed the concept to Sabrina and she suggested a gold earing in one ear would also be appropriate. So I added the required earing of course. The wagon behind the horse couldn't be an ordinary wagon either. A two wheeled cart fashioned from an old dingy was much more appealing.

A pirate horse? Of course!!!

-grampa dan

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