Above the freezing level

We live in a mountainous region. The weatherman often talks about the freezing level. That is the distance above sea level that it freezes. Below that it does not freeze.

This morning there was no frost on the windows as I warmed up the truck. I drove to the site (higher elevation than our home) and the work site was clear of frost as well. But as I climbed to the roof to finish the welding up on the top there was definitely frost up there. The top of our mountain was above this morning's frost line.

By first coffee break the temprature had warmed up significantly and the frost was gone. By lunch time I was working in my shirt sleeves and enjoying every minute. The top of the mountainside is now welded and I am working my way quickly down.

Before I came down at the end of the day I took a few shots of the project from the bird's eye vantage point. To the west we can see the saloon. The ferris wheel peeks in on the side and belowis the lunching pad for the Windmill Drop. To the right are the two ride circular pads for the Carousel and the Balloon Adventure. The clubhouse For Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf is visible behind.

Here's a wider angle panorama shot in the same direction.

From the other side of the roof we look down into the Wilderness Adventure. The pillars for the swing bridges are visible to the left as is the gold panning water tower. The giant log is in the bottom middle.

Swinging to the right we get a good look at the Wave Swinger pad which is about 12 feet above Bucky's Bumper Boat pool. The lighthouse which is more than twenty feet tall looks pretty puney from way up top.

Here's a panorama of the whole east side of the park.

We still have a long way to go but with the nicer weather we are making good progress on site! Stay tuned for more developments.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment