Still welding

It was another day on the work site spent under my welding helmet. I was working on the lower section of the mountain wall from the stairs up to the second floor. By day's end the bulk of the wall is complete. Pictures of the project at this stage don't look like much but there are miles and miles of bar now shaped and welded into place. This will determine the shape of everything to follow.

Peter and Marty worked on the lower level welding the pencil rod from the pool edge upwards. From the ground level looking up it does look like  mountain if you can imagine all of the space filled in between the rods.

One more full day next week will allow us to complete this stage. The owner's crew will then install the drainage and sprinkler systems in all of the planters before we return to apply the mesh to the frame. The fiberglass reinforced concrete will follow that giving the mountain its skin.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment