A first time for everything

Through the years we have built a lot of fanciful things. I remember when we were just starting out I was wandering through the local hardware store gathering pieces I needed for two projects. The owner, a friend, soon got very curious as I went down isle after isle and picked up all sorts of bits and pieces from just about every department. My friend eventualy couldn't stand it any longer and asked me to tell him what it was I was building for the things I had in the buggy didn't make much sense. I informed him (with a straight face) that I was building two things - a space ship and a submarine. The parts I was gathering, although not authentic, were capable of playing the part - all in the interest of telling a story. My friend had to come and see for himself that yes indeed I was actually building a space ship and submarine in my basement shop.

These creations were but the start of countless happy and fantastical adventures. We've built a lot of fun projects since including steam trains, mountains, castles, wagons, cars, trucks, fish boats, pirate ships, all kinds of animals, deep sea divers, paddle wheelers, planes, outhouses, logs, trees, sunken treasure, steam donkeys, more space ships and submarines, and a hundred other things too.

This past week we created something new. In the western area of the park is the Windmill Drop. The sign for the ride is nailed to the top of a tall cactus. Perched on the sign is a vulture. But the story needed a little more embellishment. So we'll add to it by placing the bleached bones of an old steer in the planter underneath. The skull for the carcass was shown a while ago in the blog but there is more of course. The rib cage of the cow will be partially buried in the dry dusty soil. Sage grasses will grow through the bones.

I imagine there will be many more firsts before we are done.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments