Balancing act

When our kids were small they loved nothing more than balancing on all kinds of things while I held their hand. Curbs, benches, rocks, anything off the ground was a wonderful play thing. As we designed the Wilderness Adventure area I thought back to those days and designed the same kind of thing for the young patrons. There are logs and caves to crawl through and a long series of balancing objects. All of it is low tech but pure fun, designed to test the skills and courage of those who play here.

Today the crew finished the mudding and carving of the longest balance beam. It will be less than two feet off of the ground, as will all of the objects to make sure they are safe for the kids and meet code requirements. There will be soft rubber surface all around them for the kids who tumble off. Instead of being perfectly level and geometric everything here will have the same playful style as the rest of the park.

It will be a great place for grampas to take their grandchildren.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment