Going green

Today was a busy day, both in the shop and on site. In the shop the crew was busy painting completed features and sculpting new ones too. There's only one operator's booth yet to sculpt. One is curing and the other two in the shop got their final coats of paint today. They are looking very colorful!

The first of the play stumps was mudded and carved today.

A tree will 'grow' on the mountainside up at the lake. It made good sense to prefabricate it in the shop. It was built in two pieces. The top unscrews for delivery so we can screw a sturdy eyebolt into the top for lifting. We recycled an old Christmas tree for the foliage.

Up at the lake we had four welders going full blast. I was fabricating the giant mountain while Peter was welding the detail around the edge of the bumper boat pool. Marty was welding on top of the Swing Ride platform while Matt was busy finishing off the bottom. TJ was kept busy cutting and delivering the steel pieces we needed. I didn't get any pictures today but a LOT got accomplished in a hurry!

Tomorrow we do it all over again. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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