More story signs

We are getting to the fun part of the Cultus Lake Adventure Park Project. Much of the prefabrication is now complete. Now we begin the bulk of the work to be done on site. It is also time to turn my attention to the smaller details such as the many signs that will add character and direct people through the park. One set of signs currently in design serve no other purpose other than decoration and story telling. The building facing the western area of the park has three false fronts. On these fronts we need signage of businesses that would be in a small frontier town. We will add a sculpted concrete skin to the building and carve in the wooden details of the boards.

The first business is the apothecary, (an old fashoned drug store). In the days of old, the flim flam artist would sell snake oil - a miracle cure for all that ails you. To tell this story graphically I used the mortar and pestal with a snake inside - a rattler of course.

The center business is the Amadillo Hotel. He's going to be great fun to create!

The third sign on the building front is for Dusty's Dry Goods. And what could be dustier or drier than a desert tortoise?

These are but the start of the details to come. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment