Wandering fence

Today progress continued up at the site. We installed the fence posts on the brick wall. And as usual it was magical as the theme work dropped in place for it transformed ordinary into a fun place. In the next days the crew will form the undulating rails for the fence.


Not far away Chris' crew was busy framing the last building on the western side of the park. I had asked them to use their imagination this go for I didn't want square and plumb. Happily the boys complied although they did say it was harder and took longer than it would have building it nice and level. This is going to be fun to apply the theme! We'll turn it into a charming, rustic cabin on the edge of a small pond. The beginnings of the front porch that will hang over the edge of the lake are visible too.

We only have a few more weeks of work in the shop before we turn all of our attention to the site. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan


Dan SawatzkyComment