Blue sky

When we are in the design stage of a project anything is possible. No idea is too wild or far fetched. Everything needs to be explored. In the theme park world this is called the 'BLUE SKY' phase of design. As the design progresses reality presses in. Limitations and peculiarities of the site come to light. Real world regulations and actual, realistic budgets are set. It is always our hope that in this process the initial brilliant ideas are not compromised but rather enhanced and made better. On most occasions this is the case.

For the Trinidad project this is the case. Almost all of the 'BLUE SKY' ideas survived intact and many other great ideas were added to the mix along the way. Over the last months the components of the park have been moved and shuffled and moved once more... all in the interest of making the park better. Experience form our current and past projects has all been factored in to make it the best project possible.

As we approach the final phase of the design, where working drawings and engineered documents are created, all those wonderful concepts are reviewed one last time and adjusted as necessary. Many will be re-drawn to better reflect what will actually soon be built. It is an exciting and fun theme. If there ever was a location for a pirate theme park was meant to be this is certainly the place.

On my recent visit to the Trinidad location a few months back I took a close look at the site and was inspired.

It won't be long until something like this will rise from that flat land...

Excitement is building as we plan and soon begin to build for the young and young at heart in Trinidad. They will soon have a wonderful and magical place for families and friends to gather, explore, and create lifetime memories.

The sky continues to be blue with no clouds in sight.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment