Wild color

As we get into painting some of the features for the park like the tree fort and the control booths we decided to experiement with color a little more than usual. Rather than paint the large pieces with a single color and then apply the glazes we would instead use a variety of colors and then tie it all together with a series of glazes. Here's a shot of Hailey applying the first glaze to the colorful inside. 

On the roof we decided to up the ante a notch and so the ladies painted the roof from five different buckets of paint using three colors on each shingle. The result is shocking! 

But have no fear for I'm sure it will all be very cool when we are done. Best of all the colors that peek through the glazes will add a liveliness and richness instead of it being a giant monolithic brown color.

For the control booths we decided to go with a different color on each booth as suited to the area in which they will live. The Balloon Adventure/Carousel booth was the first ready for paint and it is to be a rich red. The undercoat was a pepto pink which was pretty wild and the red that followed seems almost understated. Glazes will follow the red as well to change it yet again.

It will be another two work days before these pieces are done and ready to go out of the door. Stay tuned for the final result...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment